Adobe Golive

Golive is a program to create web sites. It's a toll that the developers wanting a nice design like very much. It's also a "clean" tools i.e. its creates correct HTML codes.

Proposal for a content
  • Introduction to HTML
    • Elements of web designing
    • Tools for the web designing
    • Golive environment
  • Formatting a web page
    • Creating a website
    • Formatting text
    • Inserting hyperlinks
    • Inserting objects
    • Inserting pictures
    • Inserting tables
    • Inserting layers
  • Creating forms
    • Different controls in a form
    • Introduction to scripting
  • Working with frames
    • Notion of frames
    • Creating a page with frames
    • Advantages and disadvantages of frames
  • Creating animations or DHTML with Golive
    • Working with layers
    • Creating cascade style sheets
  • Publishing a website
    • DNS
    • Hosting
    • FTP
    • Promoting a site
  • Tools to help working
    • Templates
    • Objects of the library
Practical info
  • 2 days.
  • Prerequisites: a good knowledge of Internet.
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