Macromedia Dreamweaver UltraDev

Dreamweaver is a program to create web sites. It's a toll that the developers wanting a nice design like very much. It's also a "clean" tools i.e. its creates correct HTML codes. (look at Macromedia Dreamweaver)

The UltraDev version of Dreamweaver includes the possibility to connect the web site with a database in ASP, Coldfusion or JSP.

Proposal for a content
  • Training Dreamweaver standard
  • Basic notions of UltraDev
    • Connection to a database
    • Defintion of the UltraDev data sources
    • Creation of a recordset
    • Adding dynamic content
    • Displaying recordsets
    • Creating pages to search into the database
    • Creating pages to modify records
    • creating pages to limit the site access
    • Customizing UltraDev
Practical info
  • 3 days.
  • The training is based on the UltraDev manual.
  • Prerequisite: good knowledge of the Internet.
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