DHTML is a way to add animation to your web page and to improve the layout of the page. It is a combination of HTML, JavaScript and CSS

Content proposal
  • Introduction to DHTML
    • What is DHTML ?
    • HTML 4.0
    • Style Sheets
    • JavaScript
  • Layers
    • Basic properties
  • Cascading Style Sheets
    • DHTML Cascading style sheets
    • Cascade Order
    • CSS Syntax
    • Inserting style sheets
  • CSS properties base
  • CSS properties advanced
  • The DOM
    • Introduction to DOM
    • Accessing objects
    • The DHTML Object Model
    • Event handlers
  • DOM in depth
    • The Window Object
    • The Navigator Object
    • The Event Object
    • The Document Object
    • The Form Element Object
    • The Input Element Object
    • The Select Element Object
    • The Option Element Properties
    • Cross-browser working
Practical info
  • A good knowledge of the Internet and of the HTML language is useful
  • The training could be sliced into different parts (introduction, advanced)
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