Connection to a database with MS Frontpage

This lesson's goal is to see the possibilities to link a database to a web site so that the visitors will be able to request queries on the database.

This lesson propose to see the possibilities of the Microsoft Office tools: ASP, HTC/IDX, possibilities with Access.

Proposal for a content
  • Introduction to the client-server system
  • Exporting a static database (Access)
    • Export tables, queries and forms in html
    • Export reports in html
    • Create new templates in html
  • Exporting a dynamic database
    • Introduction to ODBC
    • Create dynamic tables and queries
    • Create dynamic forms
  • Connecting a database with Frontpage
    • Introduction to SQL
    • Creating a simple connection (ASP)
    • Creating a connection with template (IDC/HTX)
    • Creating a request form
    Practical Info
    • 1 or 2 days training
    • A good knowledge of the Internet and of the HTML language is useful
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