Macromedia Flash

Flash is a program to create animations. Those animations are very light and then perfect for a web site; but Flash is also a tool to develop CD-Roms with dynamic presentation of your company, or with tutorial, etc.

The ultimate tool for web designers and graphist.

Proposal for the content
  • Introduction
    • Flash for the web
    • Flash for CD-Rom
    • Plug-in
  • Presentation and bases
    • Interface and environment
    • Text tool
    • Drawing tool
    • Importing images
    • Manipulating objects
    • Symboles and library
  • Creating an animation
    • Bases of the animation
      • Frame and keyframe
      • Tweening
      • Guides
      • Mask
    • Working on multiple scenes
    • Actions on buttons or images
    • Movie-clip
  • Exporting and publishing
    • Inserting in a web page
    • Self-Animation
Practical info
  • 2 days.
  • Versions 4, 5 or MX
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