ActionScript for Flash

ActionScript is a programming language issued from Java. It is used in creating Flash animation to add some interactivity to your application, for example to manage forms, create drop-down menus, create games.

After a while, this is the necessary complement of a Flash developper.

Proposal for a content
  • Base
    • Definition of symbols
    • Definition of instances
    • Difference between modifying the instance and the symbol
    • Tweening
    • Moving guide
    • Mask
  • Bases of Flash programmation
    • The 2 scripting mode in Flash
    • Definition of an action script
    • Where to place the script
    • The syntaxe
    • the manager
  • Variables
    • Creating variable
    • Using variable
    • Modifying variable
  • The lists
    • Creating a list
  • The fonctions
  • The operators
  • Object oriented programming
  • Some samples of basic programming
    • A preload
    • Navigate into an animation
    • Control instance's properties
  • Case studies
  • Short and useful scripts
  • Optimising his work
Practical info
  • The training is on 2 days.
  • Prerequisite: good knowledge of Flash
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